Dataset of Industrial Metal Objects


We provide to easily load the dataset. This file is available on GitHub.

The dataset is structured using the BOP dataset format, with two additional files:

Code samples

Load dataset.

from dimo_loader import DimoLoader
from pathlib import Path

dimo_loader = DimoLoader()
dimo_path = Path('...') # Set path to downloaded dataset folder
dimo_ds = dimo_loader.load(dimo_path)

Iterate over part models.

models = dimo_ds['models']

for model in models:
model_id = model['id'] # int
cad = model['cad'] # Path
# additional entries for size, diameter and symmetries

Iterate over scenes for real JAI-GO camera.

real_jaigo_scenes = dimo_ds['real_jaigo']
for scene in real_jaigo_scenes:
scene_id = scene['id'] # str
for image in scene['images']:
img_id = image['id'] # int
img_path = image['path'] # str
camera = image['camera'] # dict with intrinsics and extrinsics
scene_info = image['scene_info']
light = scene_info['light'] Lightmap id
carrier = scene_info['carrier'] Carrier id
parts = scene_info['parts'] Composition type
viewpoint = scene_info['viewpoint'] Viewpoint id
for obj in image['objects']:
obj_id = obj['id'] # int
model_2world = obj['model_2world'] # Object to world, (4,4)
model_2cam = obj['model_2cam'] # Object to camera, (4,4)


Creative Commons License
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